...the best translators translate not only the words
but also convey the original meaning of the text


We would like to thank all our clients for their trust in us. You are the driving force behind the continued increase in the quality of our services.

“I would like to recommend the services of Omero Sp. z o.o. Cooperation between this translation agency and Materne-Polska Sp. z o.o. is very successful and effective. General and certified translations are rendered professionally and quickly. Their additional asset is high quality client services, great flexibility and a willingness to fulfil any and all needs expressed by its clients (…).”
Berger Bau
“(…) We would like to recommend Omero Sp. z o.o. as a reliable and efficient translation agency which always provides translation and interpreting services timely and with due effort.”
“(…) While planning the implementation of a big project, we can always count on our partner’s professional and honest approach to cooperation (…). In our opinion, Omero Sp. z o.o. is recommendable due to its professionalism, reliability, and commitment to undertaken obligations.”
“(…) This company represents the highest quality of services and care for its clients’ needs (…)”

They have trusted in us:

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