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Simultaneous Interpreting
Simultaneous interpreting requires a soundproof booth designed in such a way that the interpreter can see the speaker. The interpreter cannot communicate with the speaker and cannot ask him or her to repeat the message in case of any difficulties. Such interpreting services are usually provided by two interpreters cooperating with each other. An interpreter is equipped with headphones used to listen to the message in the source language, and a microphone to render this message into the target language, which is heard by the conference participants through their headphones. Simultaneous interpreting is also used by sign language interpreters.
Omero provides high-level interpretation services for legal proceedings, corporate meetings, exhibitions, web conferences, medical and government meetings on-site. We also provide certified court interpreters. Our expert linguists deliver exact live translations that are culturally accurate and preserve the fundamental meaning of the spoken and written word. Each interpreter is selected for an assignment because he or she qualifies as an expert who is native in the target language and an experienced professional in the related industry.
Simultaneous interpreting can be carried out using a number of methods; it depends on the nature of the assignment, the number of participants, and your budget for the event.

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