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DTP and Printing
OMERO provides comprehensive technical support in the scope of preparing documents for publication and printing (graphic layout and linguistics services in the scope of advertising catalogues, manuals, leaflets, press releases, articles, or other printed materials). This service also includes the adaptation of a translated document’s layout to the original or creation of a completely new layout.
We cooperate with specialists handling all works connected with the entire process of preparing a translation, layout, composition, and professional preparation for printing.

DTP (Desktop Publishing) also includes the conversion of non-editable documents into editable ones with a layout that does not differ from the original document.

The DTP services offered by OMERO guarantee not only top quality but also a high level of creativity, unique solutions and flexibility in responding to our Clients’ needs.
Our dedicated DTP team will return the translated document in the same format and layout as it was provided, so you can publish and use it immediately.
Our experienced multilingual graphics experts can handle your typesetting and layout requirements in the requested language. We understand the complexities of foreign language font sets and electronic files.
Throughout the entire process, a project manager will supervise the production team, as well as oversee the linguistic and DTP proofing to ensure that the unique requirements of each language are met. Our language centre supports all of the leading desktop publishing and graphics packages. We can typeset files on MAC or PC platforms and deliver the electronic files in the programme and version you require.
Omero cuts the time to market by supplying the entire project from translation to print in the form of a ready-made layout of brochures, business cards, flyers, illustrated books, posters, stationery, user and trainer manuals and more. We understand the importance of working closely with our clients in order to supply them with a quality product that fulfils their requirements.

Client Services Department:

Ewelina Filipczak
+48 534 868 400
e-mail: efilipczak@omero.pl

Order Processing Department:

Sylwia Cegłowska
+48 697 909 033
e-mail: tlumaczenia@omero.pl

Working Hours:
Mon.-Fri.: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

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