...the best translators translate not only the words
but also convey the original meaning of the text



We are a translation agency specialising in a broad range of language services.
We offer not only translation and interpreting services but also comprehensive services in the scope of conferences, trainings and symposia.
We offer equipment, sound systems and technical support in the scope of simultaneous interpreting services, DTP services and graphic design of advertising materials, as well as individual IT and technological solutions.
Our priority is to provide state-of-the-art methods which guarantee top quality and timely services for our clients. Any and all activities are undertaken on the basis of our long experience, knowledge and continued cooperation with the world’s leading IT entities, which enables us to offer an integrated and innovative approach.
We carry out custom-made projects in more than 40 languages; cooperate with the best translators in Poland and abroad, and render translating and interpreting services (general, specialist, and certified), as well as proofreading services.
Our clients benefit from advantageous discount systems which minimise their translation costs and save time.
We guarantee that you will be fully satisfied with our work.
As a full-service agency, our service includes translation, editing and proofreading by different translators at no additional charge, as well as the translation of all types of documents to and from all file formats. Our on-staff desktop publishing and engineering experts have worked with almost every design software and software programming language to ensure the seamless and effortless delivery of even the most complex projects.
We would be glad to provide you with our services!


Client Services Department:

Ewelina Filipczak
+48 534 868 400
e-mail: efilipczak@omero.pl

Order Processing Department:

Sylwia Cegłowska
+48 697 909 033
e-mail: tlumaczenia@omero.pl

Working Hours:
Mon.-Fri.: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Omero Sp. z o.o.
ul. Lotnicza 3, 20-322 Lublin, Poland
VAT number: PL7123251944
Tel. No.:+48 81 307 0677
e-mail: biuro@omero.pl